Configuring the Message Bus Probe to receive notifications from Prometheus

The Message Bus Probe can be configured to integrate with IBM Cloud Platform Common Services on Red Hat Open Shift Container Platform (OCP) using Prometheus to forward cluster alerts to Netcool/OMNIbus.

The following configuration files are supplied with the probe for the integration with CS Monitoring using Prometheus:
  • message_bus_prometheus.props
  • message_bus_prometheus.rules
  • message_bus_prometheus_parser.json
Note: The default probe rules require OMNIbus event grouping triggers to be installed.

To integrate the Message Bus Probe with CS Monitoring using Prometheus, use the following steps:

  1. Install/update the Message Bus Probe using IBM Installation Manager, see Installing probes.
  2. Edit the probe configuration in the following probe properties file:


    Where <arch> is the architecture directory, for example linux2x86

  3. Update the following property values with the appropriate path:
    PropsFile         : '$OMNIHOME/probes/linux2x86/message_bus_prometheus.props'
    RulesFile         : '$OMNIHOME/probes/linux2x86/message_bus_prometheus.rules'
    TransportType     : 'Webhook'
    TransportFile     : '$OMNIHOME/java/conf/'
  4. Edit the Port property to a free local port number, for example: 80.
  5. Edit the Webhook transport configuration in the following transport properties file:


  6. Update the following property value with the appropriate path:
  7. Update the endpoint attribute in $OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>linux2x86/message_bus_prometheus_parser.json to be the same as the webhookURI path if you have updated the webhookURI property.
  8. If you require secure connection, refer to Connecting to WebSocket using SSL.
  9. Start the probe with the propsfile option to specify the Prometheus properties file using the following command:

    $OMNIHOME/probes/nco_p_message_bus -propsfile $OMNIHOME/probes/linux2x86/message_bus_prometheus.props

  10. Verify that the probe is running.

    The Webhook URL will be logged in the probe log file for reference. This is the URL of the probe Webhook.

  11. Re-configure Prometheus in ICP to forward HTTP POST notifications to the probe host with the path specified in the webhookURI property.

    For example: http://<probehost>:80/probe/webhook/prometheus

    See Configuring Prometheus in Kubernetes from the command line.

  12. Optional. Verify the probe version info with the version command line option using the following command:

    $OMNIHOME/probes/nco_p_message_bus -version