The probe can disconnect from the target system if the connection between them becomes unavailable.

You can use the HeartbeatInterval property to specify whether the probe periodically checks that the connection to the target system is available and how often it performs that check. The probe shuts down if it detects that the connection to the target system is unavailable.

When the HeartbeatInterval property has a value of 0 the probe does not check the availability of the connection. Any other positive value defines the number of seconds between each check of the connection's availability.

Note: Once the probe shuts down it may restart again, depending on the value set for the RetryCount property. If the value set for RetryCount is 0, the probe does not restart. For any other positive value the probe follows the reconnection policy. See Reconnection and probe backoff strategy for more information.

To check the connection to the target system, the probe sends a ping command (using the standard function EmsSession_I_ping) and waits for a response from the target system.

The probe also disconnects from the target system if it receives an endSession request from the EMS. This may occur if the target system restarts or is shut down.