Configuring firewall settings

The Probe for Huawei U2000 (CORBA) can be used in conjunction with a firewall.

If a firewall exists between the probe and the target system, you must configure the following firewall ports to enable data flow:
  • The Naming Service port number.

    The port for this service is on the target system. You must also specify this port on the probe side of the firewall, using the ORBInitialPort property. The default value of the ORBInitialPort property is 1570.

  • The notification service port number.

    The port for this service is on the target system. This port number is usually random but can be set to a fixed value by the administrator of the target system. No firewall configuration is required on the probe side.

  • The CORBA Agent (ORB at target system or inter-ORB bridge) port number.

    The port number is specified both on the target system and on the probe side of the firewall. On the probe side, use the OrbLocaLPort property to specify this value, which must be greater than 0. The port number on the target system can be obtained from either the Naming Service or the Interoperable Object Reference file (specified by the IORFile property).

When using the probe over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections, you must configure the same ports listed above.