Outgoing connections

Outgoing connections enable IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps to communicate how your IT operations are performing against a baseline model that is established by you during model training. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps uses this comparison to report anomalous activity to you in near real time.

Outgoing connections must be publicly accessible. If your cluster is behind a firewall, for example, it must be tunneled through something, such as Secure Tunnel. For more information about Secure Tunnel, see Using Secure Tunnel for ChatOps. If you previously exposed your host for one outgoing connection, you do not need to configure it for other outgoing connections.

When you set up your outgoing ChatOps connection, you must configure two channels: a proactive channel that you want to use for notifications (from change risk, for example), and a reactive channel that you want to use for incidents and alerts.

Note: The ServiceNow connection type has optional incoming and outgoing facets.

For more information about configuring ServiceNow, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for your connections, see the following topics: