Error messages

Error messages provide information about problems that occur while running the probe. You can use the information that they contain to resolve such problems.

The following table describes the error messages specific to this probe. For information about generic error messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide, (SC14-7530).

Table 1. Error messages




CEI Lookup error

The probe could not communicate with the CEI instance.

Contact IBM support.

CEI: Some classes are missing from the CLASSPATH.

Please ensure you've copied the necessary jar files from the CEI server into the Omnibus installation.

The probe could not find the CEI jar client files.

Check that the classpath specifies the CEI jar client files.

Error occurred when trying to convert the event to a netcool alert

The probe could not convert the CEI event into netcool event.

Contact IBM support.

Exception occurred when receiving jms events:

The probe could not get the new events.

Check the values set for the he EventGroup and EventSelector properties, or contact IBM support.

Naming Exception occurred when attempting to connect to the naming server

The probe found an error connecting to the name server.

Check the value set for the InitialContactFactory property, or contact IBM support.

Root cause of the error is: %s

The probe found an error.

Check the details specified, and take the appropriate action.