Deleting a persistent volume claim

Starting with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps 4.1.0, the AI Model Management user interface no longer requires a persistent volume claim (PVC) to maintain the training job state, which is sometimes called the Luigi state. If you migrated from an earlier version of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, you can delete this PVC. If you leave the PVC as it is, it uses disk space but doesn't otherwise impact Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

  1. To see whether you have a PVC claim on a cluster, log in to the cluster and confirm that the current namespace is set to the Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps instance namespace. Then, run the following command:

    oc get pvc -l
    NAME                                                          STATUS   VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
    aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-pvc-aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0   Bound    pvc-950dfc5e-5b5f-4db7-98fc-eeaefd574368   2Gi        RWO            rook-cephfs    65d
  2. Next, describe the PVC:

    oc describe pvc aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-pvc-aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0
    Name:          aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-pvc-aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0
    Capacity:      2Gi
    Access Modes:  RWO
    Used By:       aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0
  3. Determine whether the PVC is safe to delete. If the PVC is listed with a Used By value as shown, it is not safe to delete. Deletion of this data is destructive and cannot be undone.

    Used By:       aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0
  4. If a Used By value is not listed, you can delete the PVC.

    oc delete pvc aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-pvc-aimanager-aio-luigi-daemon-0