Using the SourceType property

You can use the SourceType property to define the libraries that the probe uses when reading data from an event log. If you change the value of this property you need to move bookmark files to a new location to avoid a file conflict.

For each event log that you define in the wineventlog.xml configuration file, the probe creates a bookmark file named This file is located in the following folder:


where logtype is the name of the type of event log.

For example, if you have configured the Application, Security, and Setup logs in the configuration file, a file named is created in each of the following folders:

  • %OMNIHOME%\win32\Application\
  • %OMNIHOME%\win32\Security\
  • %OMNIHOME%\win32\Setup\

If you change the value of the SourceType property, you need to move these files to a different location to avoid a file conflict occurring. Do this before changing the value of the property:

  1. In the %OMNIHOME%\win32\ folder create a folder named after the current setting of the SourceType property. For example, if the current value of the property is DotNet, create the following folder:


  2. Move the folders that contain the bookmark files into this new directory.

    For example, move the %OMNIHOME%\win32\Application folder to %OMNIHOME%\win32\Dotnet\Application.

  3. You can now change the value of the SourceType property.