Setting the Web Service URI

The probe publishes a web service so that it can listen for alarms from the EMS.

A unique URI that identifies the web service, and that URI is built from the values of the following properties:

  • LocalEventServiceName
  • LocalHttpHost
  • LocalHttpPort

In this release of the probe, the value of LocalEventServiceName is fixed and you cannot change it. Set the values of the other properties appropriately for your site. The resultant URI has the following format:



  • host is the value of the LocalHttpHost property.
  • port is the value of the LocalHttpPort property.
  • servicename is the value of the LocalEventServiceName property.

For example, using the default values of these properties, the URI for the service is:


Ensure that the full URI is configured on the EMS so that it can publish events to the probe. Batch control of events and event filtering, if required, also need to be configured on the EMS.