Log file processing

The ECI eNM log file is updated periodically. Each time the file is updated, event data is written in the form of a report. This report is composed of the following types of lines:

  • One header line containing column headings (Event/eNM Time, Severity, Object, ProbableCause) for the following lines
  • One or more event lines containing event data separated into fields (each field is in its own column)
  • One trailer line indicating the end of the report

The Probe for ECI eNM reads the log file and discards the header and trailer lines. Each event line is then parsed into elements.

The fields of the second column (Severity) of the event are parsed into the $Severity elements.

The fields of the third column (Object) of the event are parsed into two elements: $Object and $Component. The $Component element is then broken down into multiple dynamic elements ($Component1, $Component2,...). The number of component elements created depends on the number of column separated fields stored within the $Component element. The remainder of the event (ProbableCause) is parsed into the element: $Cause.