Formatting multi-line elements

You can use the MultiLineFormat property to specify the format that the probe uses to build multi-line elements.

The probe retrieves the full header and body of an email by building the multi-line elements $Header and $Body, using a printf function. The default value of the MultiLineFormat property is the line format %s_%d, where %s is the name of the element and %d is the line number. This produces elements such as $Header_1.

Note: To ensure that line elements are ordered correctly in the Event List details tab, use a left-0 padded, fixed-width line format to add zeros (0) at the beginning of values that are shorter than the width of the Event List field. For example, the line format %s_%03d produces the following line elements:
  • $Header_001
  • $Header_002
  • ...
  • $Header_nnn