Connecting to the CORBA interface

The probe acts as an Integration Reference Point (IRP) Manager and connects to Alcatel-Lucent 9353 WNMS using a CORBA 3GPP interface.

The probe uses the SecurityIRPAgent Interoperable Object Reference (IOR) file to connect to the CORBA interface. The AlarmIRPOperation and NotificationIRPOperation points form a part of the IRP agent.

You must specify values for the Username and Password properties. These values are required by the ALU Security Building Block to provide the object reference to the Entry Point IRP.

If you are using a local IOR file, specify its location using the ALUSecurityIrpFile property.

Using a remote IOR file

If the IOR file is on a remote host, use the SecurityIrpFtpCommand property to specify the FTP command that the probe must use to access the file. Use the following format to specify the command:


  • username is the user name of the account that provides access to the ALU Security IOR server.
  • password is the encrypted password of the user.
  • host is the host name of the ALU Security IOR server.
You must also specify an FTP password using the FtpPassword property.
Note: The FTP command is executed in the user's home directory. For FTP users other than root, you must change the default path specified by the ALUSecurityIrpFile property to enable the probe to locate the Security IRP file. For example, if the FTP user name is user1, the home directory for this user will be /home/user1.

Encrypting passwords

You must encrypt the passwords used by the Password, SecurityIrpFtpCommand, and FtpPassword properties, using the nco_aes_crypt utility supplied with Netcool/OMNIbus. Use the value returned by nco_aes_crypt as the value of the property in the properties file. For more information about encrypting passwords, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Administration Guide (SC14-7605).