Configuring the event details extraction buffering mechanism

If you set the <FetchEventFormatFields> XML property to true, when the probe receives an alarm from the SpectroSERVER, it makes a call to Archive Manager to retrieve non-OE event fields attached to the alarm. Whatever alarms the probe is listening to, it first writes them to a buffer, then starts processing the alarms one event at a time. Once completed, the probe will take another alarm from the buffer to process, and so forth.

The EventRetry and EventRetryTimeout properties specify how the probe retries the extraction of non-OE events from the Archive Manager if the Archive Manager service is down. Use the EventRetry property to specify how may times the probe attempts to extract event details from Archive Manager before moving on to the next alarm. Use the EventRetryTimeout property to specify how long the probe waits to receive the event details before timing out and retrying the event extraction request.