Alcatel-Lucent SAM server redundancy

Two Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM servers can run in a redundancy pair (that is, one runs as the primary server and the other as a backup server). This affects the way that you configure the probe.

If the primary SAM server is down while the probe is connected, then the probe will attempt to connect to the secondary SAM server which will take over the primary server role. The probe cannot connect to the secondary SAM server if the primary server is still operational.

This feature works with the RetryCount property and the optionally with the RetryInterval property.

If RetryCount is 0 (i.e. retry is disabled), redundancy feature is disabled too.

The RetryInterval property should be set to the appropriate amount of time needed for the SAM server to complete the server activity switch.

When the EnableFailover property is set to true the probe is trying to setup a connection with the new primary SAM server and you should see the following messages.

ProbeWatch message:

Connecting new primary SAM server.

Debug message:

Setting up connection to primary/secondary host.

When the probe is successfully connected to the primary SAM server, you will see the following probewatch message:

Connected to the primary SAM server.

These are the probe properties impacted by the SAM server redundancy:

  • Host (The primary host in redundancy).
  • HTTPPort (This is the primary HTTP port in redundancy).
  • EJBPort (EJBPort is the primary EJB port in redundancy).
  • EnableFailover
  • SecondaryHost
  • SecondaryHTTPPort
  • SecondaryEJBPort
Note: If EnableFailover is set to true then the RetryCount must be set to a value greater than 0.