Data acquisition

Each probe uses a different method to acquire data. Which method the probe uses depends on the target system from which it receives data.

The Probe for Alcatel-Lucent 1300 XMC (CORBA) connects to the Alcatel-Lucent 1300 XMC EMS by retrieving an IOR file over an FTP connection. The probe uses the IOR file to connect to the Entry Point Integration Reference Point (EntryPointIRP) object and retrieve a reference on it. From this object, the probe can retrieve references on the AlarmIRP object (used for resynchronization) and the NotificationIRP object (used to subscribe to realtime events). The connection is successful when the probe holds references on both the AlarmIRP and NotificationIRP objects.

You can manually acknowledge alarms and perform triggered resynchronization using the command line interface.

Data acquisition is further described in the following topics: