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Table 1. Document modification history

Document version

Publication date



July 5, 2013

First IBM® publication.


November 1, 2013

Updated Summary to include V2.1 of TMF814 standard, and to show current version number of the probe.

Updated Configuring the probe: Updated information on the CORBA connection method and the resynchronization policy. Added entries for Heartbeat policy, Support for Unicode and non-Unicode characters, Command Line Interface, and HTTP/HTTPS command interface.

Added Connecting to the CORBA interface, Configuring the probe, and Connecting to the CORBA interface.

Added Resynchronization filters to Alarm retrieval and synchronization.

Added HeartbeatSupport for Unicode and non-Unicode characters.

Added Running the probe.

Updated Properties and command line options: added CommandPort, CommandPortLimit, EncodingStandard, HeartbeatInterval, NamingContextPath, NamingServiceHost, NamingServiceIORFile, NamingServicePort, ResyncProbableCause, and ResyncSeverityFilter; updated IORFile,ORBCharEncoding, ORBWCharDefault, and ReleaseTMF814.

Updated Error messages and Known issues.

Added Migrating from existing probes.


March 10, 2016

Updated Summary package version number to 3.0.

Added SSL-based connectivity.

Added Properties and command line options provided by the Java Probe Integration Library (probe-sdk-java) version 9.0.

Updated Properties and command line options. Added descriptions for the following properties: NotificationClientType, ORBDebug, ORBDebugFile, EnableSSL, KeyStore, KeyStorePassword, and SecurityProtocol.

Updated Known issues with new section on 32-bit nonnative binary support.

Version 3 of the probe addresses the following enhancement requests:
  • RFE 53160: Support for processing a single StructuredEvent added.


July 28, 2016

Updated Summary package version number to 4.0.

Added description for the ResyncAlarmObject property to Properties and command line options.

Descriptions for $route_cc, $SNCState, $transmissionParameters, and $tpsToModify added to Elements.

Version 4 of the probe addresses the following enhancement requests:
  • RFE 82307: Allow the user to configure the function calls for retrieving active alarms from EMS/NMS.
  • APAR IT14347: Provide support for the following object types: Layered ParameterList, SNC State, Route, and Termination Point Data List in incoming events.