Mapping Netcool/OMNIbus fields in Node-RED

You can see how the JSON formatted messages received from the Internet of Things are mapped to Necool/OMNIbus fields using the Node-RED GUI.

The EventFieldMap contains a list of Netcool OMNIbus fields and a text box that contains the value to which it will be set. The values are set as a key-value pair in the JavaScript object.

Within the GUI, the node is shown as a form with two columns:

  • Column one contains the ObjectServer fields.
  • Column two contains the values to be set for each ObjectServer field.
    For fields other than the Severity field, the value in Column two can be one of the following:
    • A fixed string.
    • A variable specified in mustache format:


      where field1 is the variable to which the field will be set when the probe sends the event to the ObjectServer.

    • For the Severity field, map the field to an object within the msg.payload and apply conditions to set the final severity value. For details, seeConfiguring the Severity field.

      Note: If you use double quotes in column two, they must be properly escaped using the backslash character; otherwise it will break JSON format.

Adding mappings

You can add more, optional ObjectServer fields by using the Add button at the foot of the EventFieldMap node GUI.

Configuring the Severity field

If you want to assign an element or token and apply further conditions to the Severity field to reflect the final severity level to be set, you can do so by updating the value for the Severity field in column 2. This gives better flexibility and node re-usability in a flow without having to duplicate the Event Map node to support different severity events.

The following example allows you to add a severity of Catastrophic:

Severity = field2
if == "catastrophic" set Severity = 5 (Critical)
if == "critical" set Severity = 5 (Critical)
if == "major" set Severity = 4 (Major)
if == "minor" set Severity = 2 (Minor)
else , set Severity = 1 (Clear)

The following example allows you to apply conditions to the integer values associated with the Severity field:

Severity = field2
if > "5" set Severity = 5 (Critical)
if > "3" set Severity = 4 (Major)
if > "2"  set Severity = 2 (Minor)
else , set Severity = 1 (Clear)