Comparison of probe features

Both probes have some features in common and additional features specific to the Socket Java Probe.

Common features

The following features are common to both probes:

Table 1. Features common to both probes
Functional category Features


Connection setup to the target host and port.

Alarm parsing

Alarm parsing and tokenization.

Custom ASCII message text.

Data acquisition

Ability to receive alarms.

Heartbeat status check.

Inactivity timeout.

Reconnection and probe backoff.

Support for server failover.

Support for stream capture.

Chat in and chat out scripts.

LoginScript for server.

Features specific to the Socket Java Probe

The Socket Java Probe has the following additional features that are not present in the Socket Probe:

Table 2. Features specific to Socket Java Probe
Functional category Features

SSL connectivity

Supports secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) between probe and remote host. New properties as follows:





Alarm parsing

New property to specify the character used as a name-value pair delimiter, as follows: