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Table 1. Document modification history

Document version

Publication date



April 12, 2018

First IBM® publication.


April 30, 2021

Updated for version 2.0.

Summary updated.

Description for the new acknowldgeAlarm, unacknowldgeAlarm, and resync_filter commands added to Probe commands.

Description for the new EventAcknowledgeMode property added to Properties and command line options.

Version 2.0 of the probe addresses the following enhancement request:

RFE 143681: Support for integration with Tejas MTOSI NMS v7.5

It also addresses the following APARs:

IJ30167: nco_p_generic_mtosi probe fails to parse event due to namespace prefix mismatch.

IJ30168: nco_p_generic_mtosi probe does not process heartbeat events from EMS.

IJ30767: Issue with SOAP document parsing when event consists of multiple lines.


April 29, 2022

Updated for version 2.4.

Updated the description of the ServerType probe property in Properties and command line options to support HTTPS connection for secure callback of notification consumer.

Known issues added.


September 28, 2022

Updated for version 3.0.

Summary updated.

Version 3.0 of the probe addresses the following APARs:

IJ36887: Probe was not able to perform resynchronization when the previous synchronization attempt failed. This issue was fixed by cleaning up the HTTP connection when the probe receives non-OK HTTP responses.

IJ35771: Probe can take a long time to process resynchronization or events with lengthy string. This issue was fixed by truncating the logging of raw event message if the message is longer than 256 characters.

IJ34936: Probe now supports processing of SOAP messages received in batches.