Configuring the probe

Before running the probe, you must perform the configuration steps described in this topic.

  1. Configuring Probe's Client Component for the following purpose:
    1. Performing subscribe/unsubscribe to EMS by providing user's EMS credentials.

      HTTPLoginPassword : 'password'

      HTTPLoginUsername : 'username'

    2. Performing subscribe for a notification producers.

      HTTPServiceNotificationProducerURL : ''

    3. Performing Resync by calling web service on EMS.

      HTTPServiceAlarmRetrievalFilterFile : '$OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>/generic_mtosi_resync_filter.xml'

      HTTPServiceAlarmRetrievalURL : ''

  2. Configuring Probe's Server Component for receiving incoming event notification:

    ServerType : 'HTTP'

    HTTPServiceNotificationConsumerIP : ''

    HTTPServiceNotificationConsumerPath : '/nmsnbi/mtosi/NotificationConsumerService'

    HTTPServiceNotificationConsumerPort : 2000

    Note: Subscribing for notification events is done by the probe's client side component during start up.