Custom Message Attribute Elements

The Probe for HP Operations Manager supports the retrieval of custom message attributes which are populated as string elements in addition to the message stream alarm elements.

Each message received has a list of custom attribute names that can be used to retrieve the values for the message. For details about HP Operations Manger custom message attributes see the Administrator Guide supplied with HP Operations Manager.

You will need to customize the Probe for HP Operations Manager rules file to map the custom attributes retrieved to their respective fields in the ObjectServer. If you know what data tokens will be sent in a message, it is best practise to set up corresponding columns for them in the ObjectServer database. with use explicit rules for the column assignments. For details about customizing the rules file, see the Rules file functions and operators topic in the Netcool/OMNibus Probe and Gateway Guide :!/SSSHTQ_8.1.0/

To prevent data loss, you can write any unknown tokens to the ExtendedAttr column. For details of how to do this, see the description of the nvp_add sring function in the String functions topic in the Netcool/OMNibus Probe and Gateway Guide: