ProbeWatch messages

During normal operations, the probe generates ProbeWatch messages and sends them to the ObjectServer. These messages tell the ObjectServer how the probe is running.

The following table describes the raw ProbeWatch error messages that the probe generates. For information about generic ProbeWatch messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide.

Table 1. ProbeWatch messages

ProbeWatch message


Triggers or causes

Log file truncated: reopening

The probe detected that the size of the log file decreased, so it is reopening the file.

The log file has decreased in size. This ProbeWatch message is generated on UNIX operating systems only.

Log file disappeared: reading operation was aborted

The probe detected that there is no longer a log file with the configured filename. The probe will shut down if no retries have been specified.

The log file was deleted by another program.

Corrupted recovery file, proceeding with beginning of log file

The probe could not read the recovery file or its data was unrecognizable. The probe will read from the beginning of log file.

The recovery file has become corrupted.

Unable to read or write to recovery file

The probe failed to write recovery information to the recovery file.

The recovery file has become corrupted.

Going Down

The probe is shutting down.

The probe is performing the shutdown routine and shutting down.

Running ...

The probe is running normally.

The probe has just started up.