Using FTP to access the EPIRP object IOR file

You can access the Entry Point IRP (EPIRP) object IOR file using FTP.

Use the EPIRPFtpCommand property to specify the FTP command that the probe should use. Enter the FTP command in the following format:



user is a user name with FTP access to the host.

host is the machine on which the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM server is running.

path is the path to the EPIRP object IOR file.

Note: If you want to specify the password in encrypted format, keep <password> in the value set for the EPIRPFtpCommand property and specify the password (encrypted using the nco_aes_crypt utility) using the FtpPassword property. If you do not want to specify the password in encrypted format, replace <password> with the password. For details about the nco_aes_crypt utility, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Administration Guide (SC23-6371).