Nokia-Siemens NetAct 3GPP V6 (CORBA)

Nokia-Siemens NetAct is a networking and service management Operations Support System (OSS). It provides fault and performance management, service provisioning, support for multiple wireless network technologies, and customer management interfaces. It operates across the radio-access and core subnetworks of next-generation wireless Internet networks.

The Probe for Nokia-Siemens NetAct 3GPP V6 (CORBA) collects alarms from Nokia-Siemens NetAct using a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) interface. The probe acquires data from Nokia-Siemens NetAct devices that support 3GPP version 6.2.0. IBM® does not maintain a list of compatible Nokia-Siemens devices.

The probe complies with the following 3GPP standards:
Table 1. Supported 3GPP standards
3GPP Technical Specification Version Object



Alarm Integration Reference Point (IRP)



Notification IRP



Entry Point IRP

For details about how to download the most recent version of the probe, see the following Release Notice on the IBM Software Support website:

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