Nokia-Siemens EWSD (Server)

Nokia-Siemens Electronic World Switch Digital (EWSD) supports both switched telephony and data applications. Nokia-Siemens EWSD switches provide a wide variety of business and residential services, encompassing ISDN, CLASS, SS7, Centrex, and Advanced Intelligent Network capabilities.

The Probe for Nokia-Siemens EWSD (Server) acts as a multiheaded TCP/IP socket server and receives data from the Nokia-Siemens EWSD system on a specified port.

Note: Another version of this probe, the Probe for Siemens EWSD (UNIX) (nco_p_siemens_ewsd), is also available. It receives data through a socket from the Nokia-Siemens EWSD system and is documented separately from the Probe for Nokia-Siemens EWSD (Server).

This guide contains the following sections: