IEC CIM Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a system of smart meters for energy and water utilities that connects to data management systems through computer networks. AMI enables the 2-way exchange of data between the consumer and the utility company. Some examples of the uses of AMI are:

  • Automated, remote meter reading
  • Remote control of thermostats and other controls
  • In-house energy monitors for the consumer
  • Equipment monitoring, fault detection, and outage alerts

The Probe for IEC CIM Advanced Metering Infrastructure publishes a web service using the SOAP and WSDL technologies, to collect AMI events generated by devices and element management systems (EMS) that are compliant with the IEC 61968-9 and IEC 61968-100 standards.

For details about how to download the most recent version of the probe, see the following Release Notice on the IBM Software Support website:

This guide contains the following sections: