Format of the nco_http command line

The format of the nco_http command line to send a command to the probe is:

On UNIX and Linux:

$OMNIHOME/bin/nco_http -uri probeuri:probeport/probes/generic_mtosi -datatype application/json -method post -data '{"command":"commandname","params":[command-parameters]}'

On Windows:

%OMNIHOME%\bin\nco_http.exe -uri http://probeuri:probeport/probes/generic_mtosi -datatype application/json -method POST -data "{"command":"commandname","params":[command-parameters]}"


  • probeuri is the URI of the probe.
  • probeport is the port that the probe uses to listen for HTTP/HTTPS commands. Specify the same value as that set for the NHttp.ListeningPort.
  • command-name is the name of the command to send to the probe. The following command names are available:
    • help
    • resync
    • acknowledgeAlarm
    • unacknowledgeAlarm
    • resync_filter
    • name

  • command-parameters is a list of zero or more command parameters. For commands that have no parameters, this component is empty. The command descriptions in the following section define the parameters that each takes.