Error messages

Error messages provide information about problems that occur while running the probe. You can use the information that they contain to resolve such problems.

The following table describes the error messages specific to this probe. For information about generic error messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide (SC14-7608).

Table 1. Error messages




Expect call failed!

The probe cannot connect.

Check the availability of the host.

Failed to open tty for reading

The probe was unable to log on.

Check that the properties are set correctly.

Failed to read ExecCommand Property

The probe failed to read the ExecCommand property.

Check that the ExecCommand property is set correctly.

Footer defined, but no header. Please define or undefine both

Header defined, but no footer. Please define or undefine both

The probe found that the Header and Footer properties are undefined.

Check the Header and Footer properties are set correctly.

Line processing failed

The probe encountered a tokenization problem and/or parsing error.

Check that the TerminationCharacter, BreakCharacter, QuoteCharacter, and WhiteSpaces properties have been set correctly.

LogoutProcedure Failed

The probe is unable to logout correctly.

Check that the ExitSequence property is set correctly.

OplProbeWatch() failed to send XYZ message

The probe has failed to send mandatory ProbeWatch messages.

Check the connection to the ObjectServer.

ReadCharacterAtThe Time failed

The probe failed while reading character.

Contact IBM® Support.

RegComp Failed\n

The probe received an error while compiling a string (header or footer) into internal exec format and comparing with the set property.

Contact IBM Support.

select(): reason

The probe received while setting I/O multiplexing.

Contact IBM Support.

System Interrupted:

System Interruption: reason

The probe received a signal while reading character.

Contact IBM Support.

time: AlertSetFieldValue failed

The probe was unable to send first and last occurrence fields to the ObjectServer.

Contact IBM Support.