Once the probe has obtained a reference to the EmsSessionFactory_I object, it logs in to the target using the values stored in the Username and Password properties. The value of the Password property can be plain text or an AES encrypted password. To encrypt a password, use the nco_keygen utility to create a key file and then use the nco_aes_crypt utility to encrypt the password using the key file.

Detailed instructions on how to encrypt a property value, such as Password are in the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Installation and Deployment Guide. The following example shows how to encrypt the password:

  1. Use nco_keygen to create a key file; for example:

    $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_keygen -o $NCHOME/omnibus/probes/key_file

  2. Set the value of the probe's ConfigKeyFile property to the file path of the key file; for example:

    ConfigKeyFile: "$NCHOME/omnibus/probes/key_file"

  3. Set the value of the probe's ConfigCryptoAlg property to AES:

    ConfigCryptoAlg: "AES"

  4. Use nco_aes_crypt to encrypt the password; for example:

    $NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_aes_crypt -c AES -k key_file password

  5. Set the value of the probe's Password property to the encrypted string generated by nco_aes_crypt; for example:

    Password: "@44:U/ccVZ0K+ftc7gZTV33Yx2fODe5v46RZzEbvqpE=@"