Configuring the probe

Before running the probe for the first time, you must specify a minimum set of properties.

To run the probe successfully, the following properties are the minimum that you must specify in the message_bus.props file:
  • Server - This generic property specifies the name of the primary ObjectServer or the proxy server to which alerts are sent. The default is NCOMS.
  • TransformerFile - This probe-specific property specifies the location of the transformer properties file. For XML events, specify the XML transformer properties file. For JSON events, specify the JSON parser configuration file, for more details on the JSON configuration format, refer to Configuring the JSON parser to parse different JSON structures.
  • TransportFile - This probe-specific property specifies the location of the transport properties file.
  • TransportType - This probe-specific property specifies the transport method to be used (JMS, MQTT, Webhook, WebSocket, or data file).
For installations of the probe on Windows operating systems, you must edit the values of the following properties to specify the full directory paths to their respective files:
  • PropsFile
  • RulesFile
  • StreamCaptureFile
  • TransformerFile
  • TransportFile
For example, the value of the TransformerFile property might be: