Subscribing to the 5620-SAM-topic-xml-filtered topic

The Probe for Alcatel 5620 SAM v13 JMS can subscribe to the 5620-SAM-topic-xml-filtered topic. This topic supports the advanced JMS message filter which allows you to base event message selection on the content of the event message body.

To subscribe to the 5620-SAM-topic-xml-filtered topic, set the JmsTopic property to 5620-SAM-topic-xml-filtered. The probe will receive events of type EventVessel and XMLFilterChange. You can limit the messages that the SAM sever sends to the probe by specifying an XML filter using the AdvancedFilterConfigFile property.

You can dynamically modify the XML message filter when the probe is running by issuing a registerNotification command from the CLI, or you can specify an alternative XML filter by issuing a registerNotificationFile command. For details of these commands, see Command line interface.

The default AdvancedFilterConfigFile contains the following XML code:

    <equal class="jmsEvent" name="MTOSI_NTType" value="NT_ALARM" />
       <equal class="jmsEvent" name="MTOSI_NTType" 
            value="NT_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_CHANGE" />
	<tag name="ALA_category" />
	<tag name="eventName" />
	<tag name="MTOSI_osTime" />
	<tag name="MTOSI_objectType" />
	<tag name="MTOSI_perceivedSeverity" eventName="ObjectCreation" />
	<tag name="ALA_alarmType" eventName="ObjectCreation" />
	<tag name="ALA_clientId"  />

When the probe subscribes to the 5620-SAM-topic-xml-filtered topic, by default, the event vessel does not contain the JMS header properties of the individual events. You must use the AdvancedFilterConfigFile property to specify the JMS header properties (for example, MTOSI_osTime, eventName, and so on).

For information about how to configure complex filters for advanced filtering purposes, refer to the Alcatel-Lucent SAM documentation.
Note: The Probe for Alcatel 5620 SAM v13 only supports XML filters that have 90,000 characters or fewer. If the XML filter specified by the AdvancedFilterConfigFile property contains more than 90,000 characters, the probe writes the following warning message to the probe log file:

Probe only support AdvancedFilterConfigFile: ...