Placement Files

The TSM uses a placement file to determine in which columns and lines the various fields for alarm, error, and time data appear.

If the positioning of these fields changes in subsequent versions of Avaya Definity G3, the placementFile.txt can be updated accordingly without impacting the functioning of the TSM. A sample placement file (placementFile.txt) is included with the TSM and can be updated as required. The entries in this file should contain the placement information in the following format:
Field Type : Field Name Line Number Column Number;

Table 1 describes the placement file format.

Table 1. Placement file format
Item Description
Field Type Specifies the field type:
Alarm Error Time
Field Name Name of the field to which the values belong.
Line Number Line number on the form in which this field is located.
Column Number Column number on the form in which this field is located.
Be aware of the following when creating a placement file:
  • The end of each entry in the placement file is indicated by a semicolon.
  • Whitespace separates individual elements within the sections.
  • Whitespace characters are <sp>, <tab>, <cr>, and <nl>.
  • Comment lines are preceded by #.
  • Blank lines are ignored.