Data acquisition

Each probe uses a different method to acquire data. Which method the probe uses depends on the target system from which it receives data.

The probe uses the Operations Manager Connector Framework (OMCF) to create a connector on Microsoft SCOM 2016 to which it subscribes to receive alerts.

The following steps describe the data acquisition process:
  1. The probe connects to Microsoft SCOM 2016 using the IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Root Management Server (RMS), as specified by the ScomHost property.
  2. On connection, the probe authenticates with the Microsoft SCOM 2016 server.

    For information about authentication options, see Configuring Microsoft SCOM 2016.

  3. On successful authentication, the probe registers itself as a connector in Microsoft SCOM 2016 using the unique name specified by the ConnectorName property.

    The probe is now subscribed to Microsoft SCOM 2016. If the connector already exists in Microsoft SCOM 2016, the probe will reuse it. In this case, the probe will also use the existing subscription settings, unless the CleanStart property is set to true.

  4. On subscription, the probe polls Microsoft SCOM 2016 for new alerts at intervals specified by the PollInterval property.
  5. When polled, Microsoft SCOM 2016 keeps sending alerts to the probe until the probe acknowledges their receipt.
  6. The probe parses the alerts and sends them as events to the ObjectServer.

    If the probe receives a resolved alert from Microsoft SCOM 2016, it sends it to the ObjectServer as a cleared event.

More details of how the probe acquires data are described in the following topics: