Subscribing to the NotificationIRP object

After resynchronizing with the AlarmIRP object on startup to receive all existing events, the probe subscribes to the NotificationIRP object to receive new objects as they are created.

To specify which categories of events the probe subscribes to, use the SubscribeNotifCategories properties. You can specify one or more of the following categories:

  • 32.111-3 V8.0: The probe receives alarms.
  • 32.663 V8.1: The probe receives kernel events.
  • 32.353 V8.0: The probe receives communications surveillance events.
Note: If you want to specify more than one category, separate each category with a semi-colon.

To reduce the number of events that the probe receives based on their probable cause, perceived severity, alarm type, notification type, or managed object instance, use the SubscribeFilter property. For details, see Filtering alarms.

Whenever a new event is ready for forwarding, the NotificationIRP object notifies the probe by calling the reference specified by the ManagerIdentifier property.

Once subscribed, the probe performs a getSubscriptionStatus operation with the frequency specified by the TimeTick property. If the probe fails to perform this operation within this interval, the NotificationIRP object removes the subscription.

Unsubscribing from the NotificationIRP object

When the probe subscribes to the NotificationIRP object, the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM server returns an ID for the subscription. When the probe shuts down, it automatically unsubscribes from the NotificationIRP object.

If the probe quits unexpectedly, it may not unsubscribe properly. In this case, you can manually unsubscribe by using the command line interface; for details, see Sending commands to the CORBA interface using a command line interface.