Upgrading Infrastructure Automation

Upgrade an existing online or offline deployment of Infrastructure Automation 3.7.0 or later to 4.1.0.

The upgrade procedure depends on whether your deployment is an online or offline (air-gapped) deployment.

For more information about upgrading to Infrastructure Automation 3.7.1 from a podified installation of 3.5.x or older, you must follow these instructions to complete the required upgrade to PostgreSQL 13.

Upgrading Infrastructure management appliances

The following topics describe the process of upgrading Infrastructure management appliances when a new release of Infrastructure Automation is available.

For more information about migrating from Red Hat CloudForms or IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management appliances to Infrastructure Automation, see these instructions to complete a full appliance replacement upgrade.

For more information about upgrading Infrastructure management appliances, see:

For more information about migrating from an appliance installation to a Kubernetes (podified) installation of Infrastructure management, see the following topic.