Known issues

Limitation in the HTTP/HTTPS command interface for TMF814 V2.1 devices

The ackAlarm and unackAlarm commands of the HTTP/HTTPS command interface are not available for devices that implement TMF814 V2.1. This is due to a limitation in the IDL for that version of TMF814.

Error messages from HTTP/HTTPS command interface

When you use nco_http to send commands, it returns a number of messages. These messages include the following:

Warning: W-UNK-103-001: HTTP Server returned an error: 0 Internal Server Error

You can ignore this message because the command completes successfully as subsequent messages show.

Misleading response to incorrect HTTP/HTTPS commands

When there are errors in a command sent over the HTTP/HTTPS command interface, a misleading error message is returned. If the command contains the wrong number of parameters, the following message appears in the log file:

Information: I-UNK-104-002: {"response":"Parameter set [alarmId] may not be 
used with 'unackAlarm", "status":"400"}

If a command is missing a single quotation mark (') or a double quotation mark ("), the following messages appear in the log file:

Warning: W-ETC-004-060: Undefined argument: params[]
Fatal: F-UNK-102-002: Failed to process arguments (-52: Undefined argument)

Null properties

The probe's properties file allows you to set values for the following properties. However, those properties have no effect as the features they correspond to are not implemented in this release of the probe.

  • DataBackupFile
  • RotateEndpoint