Known issues with the Socket Java Probe

This section explains some known issues with the Socket Java Probe.

Chat out operation will not complete if the probe is interrupted using SIGINT (Ctrl + C)

The OIDK Framework 2.0 (probe-sdk-java-7), which is required by the probe, has a known issue wherein the chat out operation will not have a chance to complete if the probe is interrupted using SIGINT.

As a workaround, use the HTTP/HTTPS command interface stop command to shut down the probe, which will allow the probe to complete the chat out operation.

For instruction on configuring and running the command interface, see HTTP/HTTPS command interface

Data Stream Capture does not function as expected for multi line events

A known issue with the stream capture operation occurs if the probe is set to parse multiple line events. When parsing multiple line events, the probe does not capture the data stream and store it into the stream capture file intermittently.

As a workaround, use another tool to capture stream data, such as WireShark or tcpdump. Alternatively, enable debug logging on the DSL framework using the DSLLogConfig property file to print debug messages and view the data going through the probe.

Probe not starting on Windows platforms after upgrade to DSL Framework 5.0 or above

If you have upgraded your DSL Framework to version 5.0 or above (for example to probe-dsl-framework-5_0 or probe-dsl-framework-7_0), there is currently a known issue when running the probe on Windows platforms whereby the probe is failing to start.

To resolve this issue, you need to update the $OMNIHOME/probes/arch/nco_p_socket_java.bat file. In this file, replace the following lines:

set DSLFW_PATH=%OMNIHOME%\probes\java\dsl
set DSLSOCKET_CLASSPATH=%DSLFW_PATH%\DSLFrameworkBase.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\DSLFrameworkSocket.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\camel-core-2.15.2.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\camel-netty4-2.15.2.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\netty-all-4.0.21.Final.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\slf4j-log4j12-1.6.6.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\slf4j-api-1.6.6.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\log4j-1.2.17.jar;%DSLFW_PATH%\commons-pool-1.6.jar 

With these lines:

call %OMNIHOME%\probes\java\dsl\dsl_framework.bat

Probe cannot start on RHEL 7.7 or 8.0

There is a known issue with this probe whereby the probe cannot start on RHEL 7.7 or 8.0. You will see the following message in the error log:

Problem running java using /opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool/platform/linux2x86/jre_1.8.0/jre/bin/java. Check the binary is accessible and has correct permissions

This was fixed in the probe dependency: DSL Factory Framework (probe-dsl-framework). To resolve this issue, update your DSL Framework to version 6.0.