Event data

When initialization is complete the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SCAlcatel-Lucent ITM-SC starts to generate a log file of all alarms. When the Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC successfully logs into the XMC interface on the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC host machine, a synchronization process starts and the content of the log file is sent to the XMC interface. This interface generates an alarm event for each alarm message received. The alarm events use the G2 format and are acquired by the Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC. When synchronization is complete all the new messages are sent to the XMC interface and are then acquired by the Probe for Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC.

The Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC sends two types of messages to the XMC interface:

  • Alarm messages
  • Heartbeat messages

The following section describes the format of the alarm events that the XMC interface sends when these messages are received.

Note: After sending the alarm event the XMC interface does not provide an acknowledgement to the Alcatel-Lucent ITM-SC.