Upgrading to Probe for Message Bus version 5 or newer

Version 5 of the Probe for Message Bus has an enhanced JSON parser that supports multiple parser configurations using a parser configuration file. This enables the probe to recognize the JSON structure by the endpoint and use a specific configuration for the JSON events received.

This is useful when the JSON event structure of resynchronized events is different from that of the events received from notification or subscription channels. For some event sources, the resynchronized alarm is usually sent in batches or an array of events while notification events are sent as a single event.

Note: To support this new feature, the order of precedence of the MessagePayload and TransformerFile probe properties has changed. The TransformerFile property now takes precedence over the MessagePayload property in order to determine the type of event source that the probe will receive. It will be either XML or JSON depending on the file extension.

If your existing probe configuration has the MessagePayload property set or starts with json and the default TransformerFile property value is used, uncomment the TransformerFile property and set it to an empty string ('') to bypass it. The probe will then load your existing parser configuration as is. However, you should migrate the configuration to the new JSON parser configuration file as shown in Migrating the probe parser configuration to the JSON parser configuration file.

In this version of the probe, the WebSocketID probe property has been deprecated and replaced with a new property in the WebSocket transport, see Migrating the WebSocketID property to the Websocket transport properties file.