Migrating the WebSocketID property to the Websocket transport properties file

The WebSocketID property is often used to keep an attribute received from a JSON event and used in variable substitution during runtime. The WebSocketID property is specific to the WebSocket transport. Hence, it is deemed more suitable as a transport property rather than a probe property.

A new WebSocket transport property, keepTokens, was introduced to replace the WebSocketID probe property and allows you to specify more than one attribute to keep. If the WebSocket transport type is used and the WebSocketID property is enabled, the probe will not start due to an unrecognized property. To resolve this, use the following steps:

  1. View the Message Bus Probe properties file ($OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>/message_bus.props) and check the values set for the TransportType and WebSocketID properties.

    If the TransportType property is set to WebSocket, then proceed with the following steps.

  2. Copy the WebSocketID property value if it has been set.
  3. Edit the WebSocket transport property file ($OMNIHOME/java/conf/restWebSocketTransport.properties)
  4. Uncomment the keepTokens property and set the value to the value copied from the probe properties file in Step 2. For example:


  5. Save the restWebSocketTransport.properties file.
  6. Restart the probe and verify that the probe runs successfully.