ProbeWatch messages

During normal operations, the probe generates ProbeWatch messages and sends them to the ObjectServer. These messages tell the ObjectServer how the probe is running.

The following table describes the raw ProbeWatch error messages that the probe generates. For information about generic ProbeWatch messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide (SC14-7530).

Table 1. ProbeWatch messages

ProbeWatch message



Disconnected from system due to shutdown signal

The probe disconnected from the system.

The probe received a shutdown signal.

System is inactive.. host,port number

The server is currently inactive.

The system has been inactive for a period greater than that specified by the Inactivity property.

Disconnecting from system due to Inactivity... host, port number

The probe closed the connection to the Huawei server.

The server was inactive for the number of consecutive inactivity periods specified by the InactivityRetry property.

Connection lost,port number/

The connection has been lost.

The probe lost the TCP/IP connection to the Huawei server.

Going Down ...

The probe is shutting down.

A shutdown signal was sent to the probe.

Failed to get events

The probe failed to get any events.

The probe could not get any events from the Huawei server.

Running ...

Probe is running

The probe started and is running normally.