The probe breaks event data down into tokens and parses them into elements. Elements are used to assign values to ObjectServer fields; the field values contain the event details in a form that the ObjectServer understands.

The following table describes the elements that the Probe for Kodiak EMS (CORBA) generates. Not all the elements described are generated for each event; the elements that the probe generates depends upon the event type.

Table 1. Elements

Element name

Element description


This element identifies the alarm type.


This element identifies the group to which the alarm belongs. Possible values are:



This element identifies the severity of the alarm as reported by the EMS.


This element identifies the first occurrence of an event. It is based on the SourceTime element of the alarm.


This element identifies the last time the event was modified. It is based on the UpdateTime element of the alarm.


This element displays a textual description of the probable cause.


This element indicates whether the alarm is service affecting.


This element identifies the source that sent the alarm.