Configuring Jenkins Observer jobs

Using the Jenkins Observer, you can define listen jobs that receive build information generated by the Jenkins plug-in.

Before you begin

Ensure you have all required Jenkins details to hand.

Before you configure the Jenkins Observer, you must install and configure the Jenkins plug-in provided with the installation images. The plug-in sends your instrumented build data to the Jenkins Observer in order to generate the appropriate topology information: Configuring the Jenkins plug-in.

For the Jenkins plug-in to be able to communicate and send information to a Jenkins Observer job, you must enable a URL route for the Jenkins Observer, which is not exposed in your installation by default.

Enabling access to the URL routes

To access the URL routes for the topology Swagger documentation, see the Enabling access to URL routes topic.

About this task

You define and start the following job.

Listen job: The stand-alone listen job receives Jenkins build notification data for a specified namespace and processes it as a topology.

The listen job is long-running, and runs until it is explicitly stopped or until the observer is stopped.


Define or edit the following parameters, then click Run job to save and run the job.

Encryption requirement: See the Configuring observer jobs security topic for more information.

Parameter Action Details
Unique ID Enter a unique name for the job Required
Jenkins observation namespace Specify a provider namespace with which to associate all the topology data generated by this job Required
Generate debug support file Set this parameter to 'True' in order to capture the output of the next scheduled job run as a file. This file will be stored with an observer's log files and can be used to debug observer issues, for example at the request of your designated Support team, or while using a test environment. For one-off jobs (that is, Load jobs), this parameter reverts to 'False' after the next completed run. To examine the output produced, you can load the generated debug file using the File Observer. Optional
Observer job description Enter additional information to describe the job Optional