Configuring GoogleCloud Observer jobs

Using the GoogleCloud Observer, you can define a full load job that will read services data from the Google Cloud Platform's Compute Services through Google's Compute Services SDK, and then generate a topology.

Before you begin

Important: The Google Cloud Observer supports the cloud and SaaS Google Cloud version.

The GoogleCloud Observer supports GoogleCloud's compute services. Ensure you have the GoogleCloud details in hand, such as the Project ID, Service Account Key File and Zone, before running the observer job.

The GoogleCloud Observer supports a transient (one-off) Load job that loads all requested topology data through Google's Compute Services SDK to build the topology, and then exits.

To create a service account key file

  1. From the Google Cloud Platform dashboard, under your 'Project ID', go to APIs and Services and then choose Credentials. The Credentials page is displayed listing a number of authentication methods.
  2. Select the Service account authentication service
  3. From Create Credentials, choose Service account.
  4. Complete the service account details, then click Create to create a new service account.
  5. Select the Compute Engine > Compute Admin role, then click Continue and Done.
  6. To download the JSON file from the Credentials page, click Service account > Manage Service Accounts.
  7. Select the new service account, then choose Create key from the overflow menu (the three dots under the Actions column).
  8. Choose a key type of JSON, then click Create. A JSON file will be downloaded. For more information on storing the service account key file as a secret, see the Configuring observer jobs security topic. The file name will be used in the observer parameter (service_account_key_file) for the full load job.

Enabling access to the URL routes

To access the URL routes for the topology Swagger documentation, see the Enabling access to URL routes topic.

About this task

You define and start the following job. You must edit the parameters in the configuration file before running this job.

Full Topology Upload job

By default, Load jobs are one-off, transient jobs that do a full upload of all requested topology data as soon as they are triggered.

You can also run these jobs (again) manually from the Observer UI, or schedule them to run at set times when configuring them.


Define or edit the following parameters, then click Run job to save and run the job.

Encryption requirement: For more information, see the Configuring observer jobs security topic.

Parameter Action Details
Unique ID Enter a unique name for the job Required
Project ID Enter the Google Cloud Platform Project ID Required
Service Account Key File Supply the Google Cloud Platform Service Account Key File Required
Zone Specify the Google Cloud Platform Zones Required.
Connection timeout Specify the connection timeout in ms (default is 5000) Optional
Read timeout (milliseconds) Specify the read timeout in milliseconds. The default value is 5000. Optional
Proxy Host Specify the proxy host via which to connect. Optional
Proxy Port Specify the proxy port. Set as per HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Host. Optional. Defaults to 8080.
Proxy Username Specify the proxy username. Set for basic auth proxy. Optional
Trust all certificates by bypassing certificate verification Set to true to allow connection to target environment without verification. Optional. The default is 'false'.
Proxy Password Specify the proxy password. Set if Proxy Username has been specified. Optional. Use plain text.
Proxy Secure Specify whether the proxy server is secure. Set to 'true' for HTTPS proxy. Optional. Default is 'false'.
Access Scope Optional CSV String listing values which can be used to provide a scope for the resources. These can be used to aid the mapping of alerts to resources when resources in different scopes share the same matchTokens. Example of scope include locations, project names and namespaces. Optional
Generate debug support file Set this parameter to 'True' in order to capture the output of the next scheduled job run as a file. This file will be stored with an observer's log files and can be used to debug observer issues, for example at the request of your designated Support team, or while using a test environment. For one-off jobs (that is, Load jobs), this parameter reverts to 'False' after the next completed run. To examine the output produced, you can load the generated debug file using the File Observer. Optional
Job schedule Specify when the job runs Optional. Load jobs only.
Observer job description Enter additional information to describe the job Optional

Note: You must create a service account key file or use an existing one to allow the GoogleCloud Observer to discover resources from GoogleCloud.

Troubleshooting: While the job is running, the status of discovered resources may appear as 'indeterminate' in the topology until the full upload is complete.