Example usage

The Generic Log File Java Probe obtains events by reading a flat log file. You can run the probe in either Recovery Mode or Clean Start Mode.

In Clean Start Mode, the probe reads all new events created in the log file since the probe started.

In Recovery Mode, the probe stores recovery data in a recovery file. When the probe starts, it references this recovery file to determine the position within the log file from which to start reading events.

The following steps describe how to run the probe in Recovery Mode:

  1. Set the CleanStart property to false.
  2. Set the RecoveryFile property to the location of the recovery file that the probe reads.
  3. The default location of this recovery file is /opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool/omnibus/var/glf_java.reco. If the probe is installed outside of this default location, update the setting of the RecoveryFile property accordingly.
    Note: To instruct the probe to re-read an existing log file, delete the recovery file. When set, the probe incorporates the values set for the Name and Mode properties in the file name of the recovery file.

    For example, if you set the following properties:

    Name : 'my_glf_java'
    Mode : 'standard'

    The probe creates a recovery file with the name reco.my_glf_java.standard.