Data acquisition

Each probe uses a different method to acquire data. Which method the probe uses depends on the target system from which it receives data.

The IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Generic Log File Java Probe accesses the log file specified by the LogFileName property using a GLF stream component. It reads the stream to retrieve alarms.

The probe parses the alarms retrieved from log file stream according to the values set for the ParserElementDelimiter, ParserNVPDelimiter, and ParserQuoteCharacter properties. The probe parses the stream of name-value pairs by searching for the character specified by ParserElementDelimiter (this identifies where each name-value pair ends) and ParserNVPDelimiter (this separates each token name from its corresponding value).

The probe assigns each string separated by a ParserElementDelimiter as $Token[n], where n is an incremental value, starting at [1]. The probe also concatenates all $Token[n] elements, for each event, into an element called $FullDetails.

The probe also generates $TokenCount, which is the total number of tokens, calculated as follows: total number of name-value pairs plus the $FullDetails token.

Data acquisition is described in the following topics: