IBM Cloud Platform Common Services (CS) Monitoring

The Message Bus Probe can be configured to integrate with IBM Cloud Platform Common Services (CS) Monitoring by using either Logstash or Prometheus to forward CS events to Netcool/OMNIbus.

CS uses Logstash to collect and normalize container logs running on CS. A Logstash pipeline can be configured to forward these normalized events in JSON format to the probe. Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit. It collects metrics from CS and allows users to configure alerting rules to send alerts when a condition is triggered.

You can choose to receive CS events via either Logstash, Prometheus or both. Two sets of configuration files are provided with the probe: one for Logstash and one for Prometheus. To receive CS events for both, two probes are required.

Note: A containerised version of the Probe for Message Bus is also available. It is delivered in the form of helm packages: one for Logstash and one for Prometheus. Each package pulls the probe Docker image and deploys a cluster of containerised Message Bus Probes within the Kubernetes platform environment. The probes process events and alerts from Logstash or Prometheus and send them to a NOI operational dashboard. For details about the helm package used to deploy a cluster of Probes for Message Bus onto Kubernetes see