Apache Pulsar

The Message Bus Probe can be configured to obtain events from Apache Pulsar.

The following configuration files are supplied with the probe for the integration:
  • message_bus_pulsar.props

  • message_bus_pulsar.rules

  • pulsarTransport.properties

  • pulsarConnectionProperties.json

  • pulsarClient.properties

  • pulsarConsumer.properties

To enable the Message Bus Probe to resynchronize with Apache Pulsar, use the following steps:
  1. Configure the probe properties in the message_bus_pulsar.props file.
    Manager                     : 'Pulsar'
    MessageLog                  : '$OMNIHOME/log/message_bus_pulsar.log'
    PropsFile                   : '$OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>/message_bus_pulsar.props'
    RulesFile                   : '$OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>/message_bus_pulsar.rules'
    TransportType               : 'PULSAR'
    TransportFile               : '$OMNIHOME/java/conf/pulsarTransport.properties'
    TransformerFile             : '$OMNIHOME/probes/<arch>/message_bus_parser_config.json'
    MessagePayload              : 'JSON'

    Update the properties with the values appropriate for your system.

  2. Update the paths of the pulsarClient.properties, pulsarConsumer.properties, and pulsarProducer.properties files. The paths of these three properties files are specified in $OMNIHOME/java/conf/pulsarConnectionProperties.json

    pulsarConnectionProperties.json is specified in pulsarTransport.properties

  3. Uncomment and populate the following fields in the pulsarClient.properties file to connect to the Pulsar client.
    # Service URL provider for Pulsar service
    # serviceUrl=pulsar://localhost:6650
    # Name of the authentication plugin
    # authPluginClassName=
    # String represents parameters for the authentication plugin. Example key1:val1,key2:val2
    # authParams=
    # Path to the trusted TLS certificate file
    # tlsTrustCertsFilePath=
    # Whether the Pulsar client accepts untrusted TLS certificate from broker
    # tlsAllowInsecureConnection=false
    # Whether to enable TLS hostname verification
    # tlsHostnameVerificationEnable=false
  4. Uncomment and populate the following fields in the pulsarConsumer.properties file to subscribe to the Pulsar broker.
    # Topic name. When subscribing to multiple topics, delimit each with a comma. Example, topicNames=topic1,topic2
    # topicNames=
    # Subscription name
    # subscriptionName=
    # Supported subscription types are Exclusive, Failover, Shared and Key_Shared. 
    # Only 1 subscription type can be specified.
    # subscriptionType=
  5. Run the probe.