Connecting to the NNMi system

The probe connects to the system and subscribes to the notification event service to receive new events as they are generated.

When it starts, the probe connects to the NNMi system using HTTP/HTTPS with the following properties:

  • NNMAddress: This property specifies the hostname or IP address of the NNMi system in IPv4 or IPv6 format, as appropriate for your network.
  • NNMPort: The probe uses this property to specify the port on the NNMi system where it receives subscription requests.

The administrator of the NNMi system can provide the values to use for these properties.

Once the connection is active, the probe sends a SOAP message that creates a subscription for receiving events from the NNMi system. This message includes the identity of the port on the host that runs the probe where it receives events. The ProbeReceiverPort identifies this port. Set this to a suitable value for your environment.

In this configuration, the probe starts an endpoint to which the NNMi system sends the events.

The subscription filter

The SOAP message that creates the event subscription can include a subscription filter. The filter defines the events that the probe wishes to receive from the NNMi system. For example, the probe can specify that it wants to receive events with a severity of critical only.

Use the SubscriptionFilter property to define subscription filter. The property's value is an XPath expression that identifies the events that the probe wants to receive. The following are some examples of the subscription filter:

Table 1. Examples of the subscription filter

Value of the SubscriptionFilter property



The probe receives events that have a severity of critical only.


The probe receives events that originate from the MANAGEMENTSOFTWARE component only.

By default, the subscription filter is empty, and so the probe receives all events that the NNMi system generates.

Firewall considerations

The ProbeReceiverPort property defines the port where the probe receives messages from the NNMi system. Ensure that port is open to receive messages on the system that runs the probe.

The NnmPort property defines the port on the NNMi system that the probe communicates with. Ensure that port is open on the NNMi system.