Getting started

Now that you want to get started with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps, it's time to learn about all of the capabilities afforded to you by IBM Cloud Pak, and how to take advantage of these capabilities.

Before installing IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, take the time to understand your needs. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps includes many features by default. If you have a clear understanding of what you're looking to do with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, your installation might be more straightforward.

Ensure that you have a fundamental understanding of the following software, programming languages, and tools:

  • Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform

    Having a solid understanding of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform facilitates your installation and administration of IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. This understanding includes how to browse and use the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform web console and catalog, how to install operators, how to run oc commands, and how to complete general tasks within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

  • Kubernetes operators

    For more information operators, see the Red Hat documentation about Operators.

To help first-time users get started, guided tours are included within the UI console. These tours introduce users to the various UI options and components, and demonstrate how to complete key tasks across the platform. Users can access the tours at any time by clicking the Tours icon in the console toolbar, and selecting their preferred tour. For more information about the available guided tours, see Guided tours.

For more information about working with the IBM Cloud Pak, see the following topics: