Error messages

Error messages provide information about problems that occur while running the probe. You can use the information that they contain to resolve such problems.

The following table describes the error messages specific to this probe. For information about generic error messages, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Probe and Gateway Guide.

Table 1. Error messages




Failed to initialize SSL context

SSL context for use of secure socket creation cannot be initialized most likely due to misconfiguration.

Check all SSL/TLS related probe properties, key store and trust store properties.

Failed to load probe properties

Failed to load and validate properties configured in probe props file.

Verify and ensure all probe properties are properly specified in ews.props file.

Failed to initialize probe recovery file

The recovery file specified in probe configuration cannot be loaded or created.

Check whether appropriate file permission has been granted, or otherwise remove the file for new creation if it is corrupted.

Failed to query for new emails

Probe is unable to retrieve new emails from Microsoft Exchange.

Check that Microsoft Exchange is running correctly.

Failed to open Exchange folder for email reading

Probe is unable to bind to the Exchange folder specified in probe configuration.

Check if the property is correctly specified.

Failed to load content of new emails from Exchange

A query on the content of some new emails from Microsoft Exchange did not succeed.

Check that you have specified the Filter property correctly.

Check that Microsoft Exchange is running correctly.

Failed to parse content of a new email, email is discarded

There is an error in retrieving and processing content of an email.

Refer to following exception message for more details.

User configured generic feature of rotating endpoint is not applicable in this probe

The rotating endpoint has been enabled by configuring the RotateEndpoint property.

This property not meant for this probe and should be configured to be disabled.

Different folder is monitored now compared to last probe startup, sync history for previous folder is discarded and lost

Sync history for previously monitored folder is discarded.

If probe change to monitor previous folder again, it will start over and read all emails again.

Failed to contact Autodiscover service to determine service URL for email address

The probe failed to determine the service URL for the specified email account.

There are some possible reason for a failure to get the service URL for specified email account:
  1. Autodiscover service is not available for the domain specified in user email address
  2. Username is incorrect
  3. Account password is incorrect

Failed to connect to Exchange at given service URL of service_URL

The probe failed to connect to the Exchange Server Web Services interface defined by the service URL.

Look at the HTTP/HTTPS URL string at the end of the message and verify that the URL denotes a reachable network address from the machine on which the probe is installed, and verify that Username and Password properties are specified correctly.

Failed to open relocation folder specified

The probe was unable to bind to the relocation folder specified in probe configuration.

Check that the ReloctionFolder property is correctly specified.

Failed to subscribe to EWS for notification on new email

There was an unexpected failure of a subscription, for which there are with many possible reasons.

Inspect the log message that immediately follows this message to determine the reason for this subscription failure.

Filtered email with subject of subject and ID of email_id which does not match configured filter due to filter

This message indicates that an email has been filtered by the probe and thus skipped for processing. Its subject, ID and reason for not matching the filter criteria are included in the log message.

This log message is useful, especially when deploying the probe for the first time, because it helps you to identify why the probe does not process a particular email in the mailbox.

When deploying the probe for the first time, you should turn on DEBUG level messages by setting the MessageLevel property to debug so that you can verify whether you have set the Filter property properly and that the probe is not filtering out any email that you want to keep.

Whenever an email is filtered out by probe, this message is logged. By looking at this log message, you can check whether an email has been filtered by probe unintentionally due to an inappropriate value set in the Filter property.

After verifying that the Filter property value has been set correctly, you should change the value of MessageLevel property to a value other than DEBUG.

Note: The probe will not retrieve again those emails that have already been retrieved or filtered. To reset the retrieval history and thus allow probe retrieve everything currently in mailbox again, you can manually delete the file specified by RecoveryFile property while probe is stopped and then restart the probe.

Unexpected error in current EWS subscription, subscription is to be discarded; ServiceResponseException: Unable to retrieve events for this subscription. The subscription must be recreated. The events couldn't be read.

The probe lost connection to the Exchange server due to the monitored mailbox being shuffled onto a different server for load balancing.

Set RetryCount property in the ews.props file to a value greater than zero so that the probe can automatically restore the connection after shuffling.

Failed to perform HTML to plain text conversion on body of a HTML email with subject subject_name to plain text version, email body content remains intact.

The parser could not automatically convert the HTML content in the email body.

If the HTML content in the email is a correctly formatted, contact IBM support.

Failed to initialize stream capture file.

The stream capture file specified in probe configuration cannot be created or emptied.

Check whether the file permissions on the StreamCaptureFile have been granted correctly. Alternatively, remove the file manually thus forcing the probe to create a new file.

AADSTS90002: Tenant '<tenant>' not found. This may happen if there are no active subscriptions for the tenant. Check to make sure you have the correct tenant ID. Check with your subscription administrator.

Incorrect Tenant domain name or Tenant Id was specified for the Authority.

The Authority should be specified in the format:<Tenant domain name or Tenant Id>.

Example using Tenant domain name:

Example using Tenant Id:

AADSTS700027: Client assertion contains an invalid signature. [Reason - The key was not found., Thumbprint of key used by client: ' ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12',

The certificate in the keystore specified in ClientCertificate does not contain the thumbprint (SHA1 hash) of the certificate uploaded to Azure.

Ensure that the correct certificate file was uploaded to Azure. To view the certificate details, use the following command:

keytool -v -printcert -file <file.crt>

Ensure that the correct keystore is specified in ClientCertificates. To view the certificate details, use the following command:

keytool -list -v -keystore <keystore.p12>